conveyor belts, animated dinosaur, yaskawa logo, hero's temple doors are all animated images from videos produced by Vance Mellen

Adobe After Effects Expert


Vance Mellen's rate: $60.00 per hour. Affordable!


I specialize in low budget videos and animations for the web. I've made dozens of videos and animations for Yaskawa (fortune 500 company) in Lake County, Illinois where my business is located, but have done remote editing and subtitling for companies all over the US (Dell, LinkedIn, DoTerra, Modere, Kashii,  etc.).


"I have been using Adobe After Effects since it was invented.  This demo shows the footage I've fixed (removed reflectors, boom mics, lights, cords), special effects, animations, animated .gifs, web banner ads, logos, animations, compositing footage."



I made dozens of Internet videos for this RENTAL HOUSE: None of which cost much more than $350 to shoot edit and upload!

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contact: Vance Mellen

phone: (801) 400-2732